How is SONA Product Superior to Others ?
Sona Product
Design and Shape
Unique design & shape and attractive looks.
Simple & old designs.

Body & Lid drawn from very thick aluminium sheets making the cooker extra safe and long lasting.

Double Safety Valves for Double Protection.

Comparatively, lot thinner sheets of aluminium used. Not that safe & durable.

Single Safety Valve.

Healthy Cooking
Extra Thick Body prevents food from burning, thus preserving the nutrients of food.
Thinner body usually leads to burning of food & more heat loss.
Vent Pipe, Weight Locking Pins, Screws, Pivot and Mounting Rod made of Stainless Steel making them erosion and wear & tear resistant.

Single-piece design of Main handle, fitted with Stainless Steel rod increases the strength of handle many a times.

Lid Handle, Main Handle & Side Handle made of heat-resistant, impact tolerant,fine bakelite.

Vent Pipe, Weight Locking Pins, Screws, Pivot made of Brass, a metal prone to quicker wear & tear.

Main handle made in two pieces fitted on aluminium handle with brass screws.

Lid Handle, Main Handle & Side Handle not that strong.


Fuel & Time Saving

Special Design & Thicker body prevents heat losses, cooks faster thus saving fuel & time.
Consumes more fuel & cooking time due to more heat losses.
Easy to Maintain
All the Bakelite Handles are easily Self- Replaceable.
Usually handles are not Self-replaceable, especially Lid Handle