1. Saves Time
According to studies, it takes on an average 52% less time to cook in a Pressure Cooker as compared to conventional open pot cooking. One of the handiest advantages of Pressure Cooking is, being able to prepare an entire meal at one time, in only one pot. You can also cook different meals which require same cooking time, simultaneously, in a single cooker using a separator inside it.
2. Saves Fuel & Money
Because you cook faster in Pressure Cooker, you save fuel and therefore money. A Family saves at least half the kerosene, gas or electricity it would otherwise need, by using a Pressure Cooker to cook daily meals. In modern times, when fuel prices are constantly increasing and the supply is erratic, this saving is an advantage one can least afford to ignore.
3. Pressure Cooking is Healthier

Pressure Cooking retains Nutrients Better. This is an advantage that should delight today's increasingly health-conscious generation. By investing in a Pressure Cooker, a family invests in better health because Pressure Cooking gives more nourishing food than ordinary cooking. A scientific survey shows that certain nutrients, particularly vitamins and proteins are better preserved during Pressure Cooking. For the figure-conscious too, Pressure Cooker is the answer for their search of an appliance that can give them delicately steamed low calorie food.

Moreover, the high temperature and pressure inside the pressure cooker kills almost all the germs present in the food and sterilizes the food.

4. Improves The taste of Food
The quick but gentle cooking in super heated steam, best evokes natural flavours from fish and vegetables and tenderises legumes and pulses and meats. The closed cooking impregnates food with juices and aromas which could be lost in open pot cooking. Pressure cooking preserves the colour and texture of vegetables unlike microwave cooking.
5. It's Simple too